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Antica rosticceria palermitana


In the ancient and artistic soul of Palermo city since 1826 in 68 Ruggero Settimo street, you can find a rotisserie called "I Cuochini" perfect place to relive atmosphere and charm of a noble past about Palermo, when Antonino La Grua and Branciforte, who was both the Captain of Justice in Palermo and then President of the Board of State of Sicily, effected a substantial change in the urban system. He redeveloped and extended Maqueda street in order to allow the connection with the summer residences of local nobility in the Piana dei Colli. Today we can see Sant'Oliva and Castelnuovo squares and Ruggero Settimo street.
Targa "Historic Shop 1826" by the Chamber of Commerce of PalermoSince that time local nobility start building sumptuous palaces for that reason Ruggero Settimo begun the rich "living room" of Palermo city.
Today it's still that way and both the future and the past are recognized to be simultaneously present. This is the atmosphere where "I Cuochini" prepares meals to satisfy its customer's palates, inside the same spaces that once belonged to De Stefano's Baronial Palace kitchens.
The gastronomic activity was undertaken by Allegra brothers inspired by the sumptuous libations of baronial palaces. They used to prepare small pieces of rotisserie stuffed with meat sauce, and ham as well as small rice balls and timbales of pasta.
In 1995 the business was taken over by Mr. Valentino Massimiliano and Mrs. Maria Luisa Cigno who, with undiminished passion and commitment than their predecessors, continued to respect the culinary tradition by enriching the already abundant menu with some vegetarian specialties.
I Cuochini's place, clean ed cozyThe Cuochini location is clean and comfortable. A place very cozy consisting of an entrance hall where you can see the counter with the products shown. From the window you can see the kitchen where the cooks are busy preparing local specialties.
Cuochini's specialties are small pieces of rotisserie among which you can enjoy "arancine" (rise balls with filling) – "panzerotti" (kind of turnovers) - krapfens - savory pastries - pasta timbales - nuggets of milk, small sandwiches with "panelle" (chickpea fritters) and, to order, savory pies.